High-speed cleaner
for industry or home

High-speed industrial cleaner

For the cleaning and preserving of moulds, machines and tools and the regular care and cleaning of all machinery. The high-speed industrial cleaner is indispensable when fitting bolts, machine parts and screw threads. A thin protective film repels water and neutralises the sweat from the hands. Perfect for the thorough care and cleaning of moulds, machines and tools.
cleans - polishes - removes rust - protects

High-speed domestic cleaner

Dirt vanishes, colours brighten up, dust and the effects of the weather are kept at bay, rust is removed from bumpers, wheels and machine parts, and everything is protected from further harm. Good for the thorough care and cleaning of car bodywork, mopeds, bicycles, machines and motors.
cleans - polishes - removes rust - protects
  • 500ml aerosol cans
  • Cases of 6 aerosol cans
  • High-speed cleaner

    Metal polishing paste

    Rust remover

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